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Cryo Innovations Recovery XR

SAFEST CHAMBER, PERIOD. The Cryo Innovations Recovery XR is equipped with state of the art Smart Technology to ensure each session runs smoothly and effectively.

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PowerDot Muscle Stimulator

REDUCE MUSCLE SORENESS. Learn how implementing PowerDot Smart Muscle Stimulation into your daily routine can help relieve muscle soreness brought on by everyday life.

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Marc Pro

IF YOU WANT TO PERFORM BETTER, YOU NEED TO RECOVER BETTER. Elite competitors, serious athletes, and those of us active and over 40 face a similar problem; we're often doing more than our bodies can handle.

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The latest neuromuscular percussive therapy device. A revolution in muscle pain relief and an essential tool in recovery.

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TRAIN LIKE AN ASTRONAUT. Whole Body Vibration machines have been researched by space agencies, for their ability to help astronauts reverse the negative health effects, caused by zero gravity..

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