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Jose “Coach Gil” Guilly Boesch

Coaching the explosive triple spiral Goata movement pattern which by default preserves joints, keeps the spine safe,  and makes you bulletproof from the muscle pull and repetitive stress injury. The key to athletic dominance over your counterparts is GOATA FIT.2008 Egoscue PAS Level One (Postural Assessment Specialist). Foundation Training 2015 Instructor. 2017 WECK Mentor Coach 504-223-4355

The Story: After suffering over 40 back episodes in his 20’s, Coach Gil began to search the world for answers to “never get hurt”. This is the opposite of medical community strategy which to help you after you get hurt. Walking away from a medical model is the key to avoiding unexplained injuries for life. While Michael Jordan “MJ” was flying around the air for 2 decades making millions of dollars, Coach Gil only 2 years younger, would go to a sit down office job and his back would injure itself doing the most simplest of things like sneezing... Decoding the 4 secrets to an explosive injury resistant body was a 20-year painstaking process including reading and participating in hundreds of movement modalities and their associated reference material. In the end, the characteristics of a GOATA fit body can be chunked down to 4 basic concepts based on gravity and the elite human design,  its development protocols and how the body secure itself from injury (never get hurt in the first place). The new priority for health through elite locomotive movement can be strategic and planned to enjoy life with a regenerative healing system avoiding the Gym Fit one which is associated with metal joint replacement and chronic pain. 



Gary Scheffler

Coached National Champion basketball team 11-year-old 1998, won several state championships and now current owner of GLS Training, locomotive explosion and fluidity trainer.  504-223-4355 A GOATA Locomotive Certified Trainer.



Cody Wood

Cody is a career Occupational Therapy Assistant living in the mountains of Bozeman, Montana with experience in rehabilitation, injury prevention, and athletic performance.  Looking for a way to practice movement outside of the confines of his practice he pursued and completed the GOATA Certification in February of 2019 and started his own business.  He has had success stories and positive feedback using the skills learned at GLS/GOATA with skiers, athletes, and peers. He incorporated GOATA into his regiment for his own body and has experienced a personal impact that gives him a competitive and functional advantage.  He plans to share his experiences and use the program in the local baseball program as well as offer the assessments and training to the outdoor community.



Francis Graziano

Coach Graz is a native of Philadelphia, PA.  He graduated from Philadelphia University where he completed his BS in Exercise Sciences.  For over 20 years, coach “Graz” has been involved in multisport as both a coach and All American Athlete where he has enjoyed helping many newbies and seasoned triathletes across the finish line for all distances.  

Coach Graz officially started his Specialized Fitness Training business in Philadelphia, PA in 2014 after completing a comprehensive 600 hour Degree from National Personal Training Institute of Philadelphia.  Soon afterwards, he completed his diploma in Corrective Exercise Specializations from The National Academy of Sports Medicine in Philadelphia, PA and sequentially his Youth Exercise Specialization under the same governing body.  It was in these years that he developed a deeper understanding of the body, and a growing passion for working with young athletes.

Following a lecture on The Spinal Engine Theory by David Weck, he became profoundly interested in Sports Biomechanics which led him to San Diego to study directly under Davids mentorship. This further heightened his desire to seek out deeper knowledge of specific sports techniques and training systems.   

Unable to satisfy an unquenchable thirst for knowledge on this particular subject, he sought out world class instruction through Coach Gill and Coach Gary at GLS Locomotive Systems where in February 2019, he was part of humble beginnings being among the first in the Country to complete the GOATA Movement Systems Training Qualification in New Orleans, LA.


Qualified GOATA Level 1 Instructor

Qualified WeckMethod Master Trainer


ITCA Professional Triathlon Coach

USAT L1 Triathlon Coach




Dr. Daniel Turack D.C., M.S.H.N

Dr. Daniel Turack D.C., M.S.H.N, is a Chiropractor, Nutritionist and Movement expert that has a deep interest in the health, performance, and longevity of the human body. He has extensive post graduate training in multiple areas of holistic health and body care ranging from various manual therapy techniques, soft tissue diagnosis/treatment, functional movement assessment and rehabilitation, as well as bio-chemical evaluation, functional medicine/nutrition, and systemic detoxification.

When treating patients, Dr. Dan takes great pride in their whole body health as well as their families. He will work with you to establish an appropriate course of treatment and clearly defined goals that will track your progress throughout care. Dr. Dan has a special interest in amateur and professional athletes, and works with them to optimize their health and performance to extend their careers.

In his free time, Dr. Dan enjoys spending time with his wife (Jean) and golden-doodle (Cici) as well as partaking in functional fitness/exercise, outdoor activities like hiking and biking as well as wakeboarding and snowboarding throughout the seasons. If it involves movement, you can bet that Dr. Dan will try it out!





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